Jan F Kaluza

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The responsiveness of isolated olfactory sensory neurons to stimulation with aliphatic aldehydes of varying chain length (5-10 hydrogenated carbon atoms) was investigated by means of Ca(2+ )imaging. More than half the cells examined were responsive to aliphatic aldehydes. Individual cells did not react or reacted to one or multiple aldehydes; in the latter(More)
In this study we have identified a repertoire of chemosensory receptors expressed in the septal organ (SO). The results suggest that septal organ neurons are specified to express receptor genes belonging to class II olfactory receptors that are also expressed in the main olfactory epithelium. We found no evidence for the expression of members from the(More)
Animals survey their external environment for relevant chemicals including compounds which are important for finding food sources and habitats but also for social interaction and reproduction. In mammals, these chemical signals are received by divergent chemosensory subsystems: the main olfactory epithelium which is considered to be responsible for the(More)
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