Jan F. Broenink

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CSP is a fundamental concept for developing software for distributed real-time systems. The CSP paradigm constitutes a natural addition to Object Orientation and offers higher-order multithreading constructs. The CSP channel concept that has been implemented in Java deals with singleand multi-processor environments and also takes care of the real-time(More)
For broad acceptance of an engineering paradigm, a graphical notation and a supporting design tool seem necessary. This paper discusses certain issues of developing a design environment for building systems based on CSP. Some of the issues discussed depend specifically on the underlying theory of CSP, while a number of them are common for any graphical(More)
The efficient design of resilient embedded systems is hampered by the separation of engineering disciplines in current development approaches. We describe a new project entitled "Design Support and Tooling for Embedded Control Software" (DESTECS), which aims to develop a methodology and open tools platform for collaborative and multi-disciplinary(More)
This paper discusses a bond–graph model library implemented in Modelica. Modelica is a new language for physical systems modeling with main objective to facilitate exchange of models and simulation specifications. Bond graphs are a domain–independent way of modeling the dynamics of physical systems. Besides the presentation of the Modelica basic bond– graph(More)
1 Dynasim AB, Lund, Sweden 2 ABB Corporate Research Center Heidelberg 3 Gaz de France, Paris, France 4 University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands 5 GMD FIRST, Berlin, Germany 6 ABB Network Partner Ltd. Baden, Switzerland 7 Linköping University, Sweden 8 VTT, Espoo, Finland 9 Technical University of Berlin, Germany 10 Lund University, Sweden 11 DLR(More)