Jan Erik Madsen

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OBJECTIVE To compare the functional results after displaced fractures of the femoral neck treated with internal fixation or hemiarthroplasty. DESIGN Randomised trial with blinding of assessments of functional results. SETTING University hospital. PARTICIPANTS 222 patients; 165 (74%) women, mean age 83 years. Inclusion criteria were age above 60,(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE There is very little information on the cost of different treatments for femoral neck fractures. We assessed whether total hospital and societal costs of treatment of elderly patients with displaced femoral neck fractures differ between patients operated with internal fixation or hemiarthroplasty. METHODS 222 patients (mean age 83(More)
BACKGROUND Early intramedullary nailing (IMN) of long bone fractures in severely injured patients has been evaluated as beneficial, but has also been associated with increased inflammation, multi organ failure (MOF) and morbidity. This study was initiated to evaluate the impact of primary femoral IMN on coagulation-, fibrinolysis-, inflammatory- and(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Long-term follow-up studies after total knee replacement (TKR) using an LCS rotating platform have shown survival rates of up to 97%. Few studies have evaluated short-term functional outcome and its improvement over time. We determined the time course of functional outcome as evaluated by the knee injury and osteoarthritis outcome(More)
The delayed skin-test response to four antigens was assessed before and after 6 weeks' cimetidine therapy in patients with duodenal-ulcer disease. In the eight patients who received cimetidine there was a significant increase in both erythema and induration after six weeks' cimetidine therapy. In contrast, the intensity of delayed-hypersensitivity reactions(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Neurological deficits and pain are common after displaced sacral fractures. However, little is known about the association between the long-term clinical outcomes and radiological findings. We examined the long-term radiological findings and their correlations with lumbosacral pain and neurological deficits in the lower extremities(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE 10-year survival rates after unicompartmental knee replacement (UKR) have been up to 97% in single-center studies, but they have been as low as 80% in studies from arthroplasty registers. Few studies have evaluated short-term functional outcome and its improvement with time. We determined the time course of functional outcome as(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment for displaced proximal humeral fractures is still under debate. Few studies exist at the highest level of evidence. Although reversed total shoulder prosthesis has gained popularity and showed promising results in the treatment for proximal humeral fractures in the elderly patients, no randomized controlled trials exist to the authors'(More)
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