Jan-Erik Hoffmann

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Fracture healing is a unique biologic process starting with an initial inflammatory response. As in other regenerative processes, bone and the immune system interact closely during fracture healing. This project was aimed at further elucidating how the host immune system participates in fracture healing. A standard closed femoral fracture was created in(More)
Chemically induced dimerization (CID) has proven to be a powerful tool for modulating protein interactions. However, the traditional dimerizer rapamycin has limitations in certain in vivo applications because of its slow reversibility and its affinity for endogenous proteins. Described herein is a bioorthogonal system for rapidly reversible CID. A novel(More)
This study aimed to mechanically produce a standardized ovine model for a critically delayed bone union. A tibial osteotomy was stabilized with either a rigid (group I) or mechanically critical (group II) external fixator in sheep. Interfragmentary movements and ground reaction forces were monitored throughout the healing period of 9 weeks. After sacrifice(More)
Hyaluronan (HA) is responsive to pro-atherosclerotic growth factors and cytokines and is thought to contribute to neointimal hyperplasia and atherosclerosis. However, the specific function of the pericellular HA matrix is likely depend on the respective stimuli. Adenosine plays an important role in the phenotypic regulation of vascular smooth muscle cells(More)
Bone development is influenced by the local mechanical environment. Experimental evidence suggests that altered loading can change cell proliferation and differentiation in chondro- and osteogenesis during endochondral ossification. This study investigated the effects of three-point bending of murine fetal metatarsal bone anlagen in vitro on cartilage(More)
How can the integrin adhesome get self-assembled locally, rapidly, and correctly as diverse cell-matrix adhesion sites? Here, we investigate this question by exploring the cytosolic state of integrin-adhesome components and their dynamic exchange between adhesion sites and cytosol. Using fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy (FCCS) and fluorescence(More)
Although the relationship between contact area and pressure under physiological loading has been described in the feline patellofemoral joint, this interaction has only been examined under simplified loading conditions and/or considerably lower forces than those occurring during demanding activities in humans. We hypothesized that patellofemoral contact(More)
We apply the permanent scatterer (PS) technique to interferometric ERS SAR observations to analyse the surface subsidence induced by hard coal mining activities at the ”Prosper-Haniel” mine (Ruhr region, Germany). Underground mining causes extensive subsidence of serveral meters and typically high subsidence rates at the earth‘s surface. We show that this(More)
trans-Cyclooctene groups incorporated into proteins via non-canonical amino acids (ncAAs) are emerging as specific handles for bioorthogonal chemistry. Here, we present a highly improved synthetic access to the axially and the equatorially linked trans-cyclooct-2-ene isomers (1 a,b). We further show that the axially connected isomer has a half-life about 10(More)
The percutaneous infrainguinal stent (PSI) register study aimed to collate all percutaneous endovascular procedures for infrainguinal peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD) conducted in 74 German vascular centers between September and November 2015 (3 months). In order to obtain representative results all consecutive treatment procedures had to be(More)