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— Narrowband and wideband measurements of the radio channel using different combinations of transmit and receive polarization have been performed. The measurements cover a range of scenarios including urban, suburban and open terrain, as well as both outdoor and indoor terminals. The vertical-to-vertical (V-V) and horizontal-to-horizontal (H-H) polarization(More)
—In this paper we investigate the feasibility of using microwave frequencies for fixed non-line-of-sight wireless backhauling connecting small-cell radio base stations with an aggregation node in an outdoor urban environment, i.e. a typical heterogeneous network scenario. We study system level simulations for a point-to-point system where the wave(More)
An observer study was performed in order to evaluate several filters used in SPECT imaging. The filters were applied to the simulated projection data of a uniform activity density cylinder which contained a cold, spherical lesion, 2 cm in diameter. The data incorporated the effects of the detector and scatter response functions, photon attenuation, and(More)