Jan-Erik Berg

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Narrowband and wideband measurements of the radio channel using different combinations of transmit and receive polarization have been performed. The measurements cover a range of scenarios including urban, suburban and open terrain, as well as both outdoor and indoor terminals. The vertical-to-vertical (V-V) and horizontal-to-horizontal (H-H) polarization(More)
In this paper we investigate the feasibility of using microwave frequencies for fixed non-line-of-sight wireless backhauling connecting small-cell radio base stations with an aggregation node in an outdoor urban environment, i.e. a typical heterogeneous network scenario. We study system level simulations for a point-to-point system where the wave(More)
Manufacturability of electronic devices based on carbon nanotubes (CNT) generally depends on the ability to manipulate and control individual structures at the molecular level. A novel technique has been developed to overcome this hurdle, allowing CNT-based nano-electromechanical devices to be fabricated directly on existing production CMOS fabrication(More)
Point-to-point (PtP) microwave is a cost-efficient technology for flexible and rapid mobile backhaul deployment. It is the dominant backhaul media for mobile networks, and is expected to maintain this position as mobile broadband evolves. The microwave technology has been developing rapidly over recent decades and is today capable of providing low-cost,(More)
 The fiber separation step in refining is crucial for energy consumption in subsequent refining where the pulp properties are developed. The size reduction of chips during refining is dependent on refining intensity and chip strength. Factors affecting these two parameters are discussed in a literature review. The impact strength of chips and the break down(More)
The objective of this paper is to improve the knowledge on directional channel characteristics at the base station, particularly concerning elevation. For this purpose a channel measurement campaign has been performed. A powerful new method for super-resolution channel estimation has been used to get a detailed picture of the directional characteristics of(More)
This thesis covers the development of the Reverberation Chamber as a measurement tool for cell phone tests in electronic production. It also covers the development of the Scattered Field Chamber as a measurement tool for simulations of real propagation environments. The first part is a more ”general knowledge about Reverberation Chambers”-part that covers(More)