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A 105 kb Fugu rubripes genomic region containing the RUNX2 ortholog (frunx2) was sequenced and analysed. Spanning 32 kb, frunx2 is seven times smaller than its human orthologue (223 kb). By comparison of Fugu and human genomic environment a stretch of conserved synteny, comprising the neighbouring genes on both sides, was identified. Except one exon that is(More)
To counteract habitat fragmentation, the connectivity of a landscape should be enhanced. Corridors are thought to facilitate movement between disconnected patches of habitat, and linear strips of habitat connecting isolated patches are a popular type of corridor. On the other hand, the creation of new corridors can lead to fragmentation of the surrounding(More)
The arrangement of letters on a keyboard greatly influences the comfort and the typing speed of the user. With repetitive muscular injuries emerging and the amount of text to be treated increasing, the need for a better arrangement has come forth. In order to solve the problem of this arrangement an abstract representation of a keyboard is introduced.(More)
  • Margitta Ret, Jan Lehmann, +4 authors Michael Stöckle
  • 2006
Mucins i Ml l 'si are high molecular weight membrane glycoproteins. The gene expression of MUCs (MUC1-MUC8) may change characteristi cally during malignant transformation of epithelial tissues. Total RNA was isolated from the four bladder cancer cell lines RT4, 647V, HT1376, and 486P (pathological gradings between Gl and G4) and 17 samples of transitional(More)
The problem of electromagnetic tomographic reconstruction is approached in terms of the derivation of a minimum norm interpolator, incorporating a priori knowledge gained from a previous reconstruction. An algorithm is suggested for the initial estimate and both images are compared to that of bilinear interpolation.
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