Jan Drewes

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Two sisters with isovaleric acidaemia are described. Both had multiple attacks of acetonaemic vomiting, sometimes leading to subcoma. Despite this they showed a completely normal mental development. Biochemical studies, clinical follow-up and attempts at treatment are presented.
We identified 10 members of a single family with mental retardation and microcephaly, one member having macrocephaly instead. The pedigree was best compatible with the segregation of a small translocation, despite results of previous cytogenetic studies in several relatives being apparently normal. Eventually high resolution and fluorescence in situ(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine changes in referral of preterm newborns. DESIGN Descriptive. SETTING Foundation for Perinatal Epidemiology the Netherlands, Leiden. METHODS Data regarding hospital of birth, referral, need of intensive care and mortality of the infants < 32 weeks and (or) < 1500 g birth weight born in 1993 from the National Neonatology Register(More)
The distribution of metastases in the skeleton corresponds to the presence of active hemato-poetic bone marrow. Osseous metastases distal to the elbow and knee joints are therefore rare. 67 patients with metastatic tumors of the hand were analyzed in a bibliographical review and two cases are added. A hypernephroid carcinoma and a bronchogenic carcinoma had(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether incubator home care is desirable and feasible. DESIGN Inventory. SETTING Four neonatal units representative of the type of care in general hospitals in the Netherlands. METHOD The relevant data on all infants with a birth weight < or = 2000 g admitted in the last 3 months of 1996 to one of four hospitals were analysed.(More)
Die medizinische Rehabilitation muss sich nach heutigem Verständnis an der Qualität von Nachhaltigkeitseffekten messen lassen. In einer prospektiven Vergleichsstudie sollte untersucht werden, ob und inwieweit das auf Nachhaltigkeit ausgerichtete Modell der ambulanten arbeitsplatzbezogenen medizinischen Rehabilitation (AAMR) bei Gonarthrose in der Lage ist,(More)