Jan Dijkink

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How whiteflies (Bemisia tabaci) make the choice for a host plant prior to landing, is not precisely known. Here we investigated whether they respond to specific volatiles of tomato. Zingiberene and curcumene were purified from Solanum habrochaites (PI127826), characterised by NMR and X-ray analysis and identified as 7-epizingiberene and R-curcumene. In(More)
The compact tricyclic substructure of solanoeclepin A containing the cyclobutanone ring was prepared by using as the key step a highly regioselective intramolecular [2 + 2]-photocycloaddition reaction between one of the [small pi]-bonds of an allene and the CC double bond of a butenolide.
A reaction sequence, involving the addition of (substituted) propargylsilanes to lactam-derived N-acyliminium ions followed by gold-catalyzed cyclization of the resulting alpha-allenyl amide, is applied in expedient syntheses of pyrrolizidine alkaloids heliotridine and ent-retronecine in five steps from (S)-malic acid.
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