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The understanding of representation has a clear significance for the design and development of learning technologies. The issues raised by this design and development has led to a demand for appropriate language and form of conceptualisation. However we are insufficiently familiar with the way in which different types of mediated tool use occur, to develop(More)
We conducted two design experiments aimed at engaging sixth graders (11 years old) in statistical reasoning about center and variation. We examine in particular students' informal notion of a " modal clump. " Using Peirce's concept of diagrammatic reasoning, we analyze the interplay of 1) making plots with TinkerPlots – a computer data analysis tool, 2)(More)
The purpose of this article is to draw the attention of mathematics education researchers to a relatively new semantic theory called inferentialism, as developed by the philosopher Robert Brandom. Inferentialism is a semantic theory which explains concept formation in terms of the inferences individuals make in the context of an intersubjective practice of(More)
OBJECTIVES On graduation, UK dentists wishing to advance their career enter two years of general professional training aimed at consolidating their undergraduate experience. The Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery examination (MFDS) attests to its successful completion and is a pre-requisite for entry into training programmes which lead to(More)
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