Jan Conradi

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Previous neuroimaging studies based on neurovascular coupling have shown that stroke affects both, strength and spatial extent of brain activation during upper limb movements. Here, we investigated the sub-second amplitude dynamics of a direct neuronal measure, i.e., event-related desynchronization (ERD) of EEG oscillations during finger movements, in(More)
One basic rationale for Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) is to enable severely paretic persons to interact again with their environment. While advancements of BCI techniques are significant in healthy volunteers, there are only few studies that investigated the applicability of BCIs in patients afflicted by spinal cord injury (SCI), and the spatiotemporal(More)
49 of 102 sheep of one production herd, which had returned to oestrus once or twice within the 1985 breeding season, were treated twice in a nine-day interval with the PGF2 alpha analogue Cloprostenol "Jenapharm". 53 animals received an additional dose of 10 micrograms of Gonavet "Berlin-Chemie". A lambing rate of merely 15% was achieved by subsequent(More)
In Germany neurotuberculosis is quite rare. Familiarity with the disease is nonetheless important because of many differential diagnoses and therapeutic implications. The diagnosis of neurotuberculosis is made by considering of clinical presentation, CSF, and cerebral imaging. Early diagnosis, prompt initiation of effective antitubercular therapy, and(More)
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