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Diamond like carbon (DLC) is applied as a thin film onto substrates to obtain desired surface properties such as increased hardness and corrosion resistance, and decreased friction and wear rate. Microdimple is an advanced surface modification technique enhancing the tribological performance. In this study, DLC coated microdimples were fabricated on hip(More)
An advanced surface engineering process combining micro-texture with a plasma carburising process was produced on CoCrMo femoral head, and their tribological properties were evaluated by the cutting-edge pendulum hip joint simulator coupled with thin film colorimetric interferometry. FESEM and GDOES showed that precipitation-free C S-phase with a uniform(More)
Technical purity Cu (99.95 wt%) polycrystals have been processed at room temperature by equal channel angular pressing. The results of mechanical tests and the microstructure characterization by various experimental techniques are presented. The yield stress as well as the strength were shown to increase with increasing strain and exceed the respective(More)
A novel WKB approach to calculating the lifetime of quasistationary states in the potential wells of the form V(x)=P(x)-muQ(x), where P(x) is the radial part of the potential for the spherically symmetric harmonic oscillator or the hydrogen atom and Q(x) is a polynomial, is suggested. In this approach, the usual explicit procedure of the asymptotic matching(More)
Positron annihilation spectroscopy (PAS) was used to examine the effect of defined Cd-rich and Te-rich annealing on point defects in Cl-doped CdTe and Ge-doped CdZnTe semi-insulating single crystals. The as-grown crystals contain open-volume defects connected with Cd vacancies . It was found that the Cd vacancies agglomerate into clusters coupled with Cl in(More)
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