Jan-Christopher Bals

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Using spreadsheets is the preferred method to calculate, display or store anything that fits into a table-like structure. They are often used by end users to create applications. But they have one critical drawback they are very error-prone. To reduce the error-proneness, we purpose a new way of object-oriented modeling of spreadsheets prior to using them.(More)
Enterprise software development is based on the usage of frameworks. However, well-established concepts to specify framework functionality and how to use it can hardly be found. As consequence, there are poor framework documentations. Various problems arise from this, e.g. a high effort for learning a framework and therefore the need of framework(More)
The development of future more electric aircraft systems is a challenging process: The respective subsystems are highly integrated to achieve an optimum efficiency and performance both at aircraft and at systems level. For master this multi-disciplinary challenge, the use of powerful modeling and simulation technologies such as Modelica in all phases of the(More)
The paper presents the new integrated model reduction facilities available in the control engineering design environment ANDECS The suite of interactive model reduction modules is ba sed on a new generation of numerically reliable algorithms to solve model reduction and associated problems The model reduction tools complement the already existing system(More)
A high accurate position control structure for energy optimal actuation of an aircraft ram air inlet actuator is presented in this paper. The structure comprises a feedforward planning of the energy optimal reference motion profile, and a feedback position control with an inner loop for speed tracking control using a robust two degree of freedom (inverse(More)
Die Entwicklung betrieblicher Informationssysteme basiert auf dem Einsatz von Frameworks. Diese bieten ein hohes Maß an Wiederverwendung und sind flexibel anpassbar. Mit der Evolution der eingesetzten Frameworks unabhängig von der Anwendung entsteht die Notwendigkeit, Frameworks durch neuere Versionen zu ersetzen, um Fehler zu beheben oder neue Funktionen(More)
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