Jan C. den Hollander

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Apoptotic cell death represents an important mechanism for the precise regulation of cell numbers in normal tissues. Various apoptosis-associated regulatory proteins, such as Bcl-2, Bax and Bcl-X, may contribute to the rate of apoptosis in neoplasia. The present study was performed to evaluate the prognostic value of these molecules in a group of 61 Wilms'(More)
Oro- and nasopharyngeal masses are rare in infancy and consist of developmental anomalies and, mostly benign, neoplasms. We report two infants with a tumour in the ear–nose–throat region. As shown by our cases, the clinical presentation of an oropharyngeal mass in infancy varies from respiratory insufficiency at birth to incidental finding by the parents a(More)
A 6-year-old girl with an inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour of the lung is presented. The radiological features of this lesion are often atypical, as in this case, presenting as progressive atelectasis. The differential diagnosis is extensive and can be difficult, despite modern imaging techniques.
The aim of this study was to demonstrate the ultrasonographic features of prenatal torsion of the testis at presentation and during follow-up, with histological correlation post-orchidectomy. Between January 1985 and December 1999, 13 neonates with antenatal torsion of the testis were examined postnatally, at presentation and during follow-up, with(More)
Das adenoid-zystische Karzinom ist ein bösartiger epithelialer Tumor mit langsamem Wachstum, welcher vor allem die Tränendrüse, sehr selten auch akzessorisches Tränendrüsengewebe befallen kann. Durch sein perineurales Vordringen sind lokale Rezidive nach Exzision ein häufiges therapeutisches Problem. In diesem Beitrag stellen wir einen Patienten mit einem(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to compare the results of preliminary evaluation, ovarian hyperstimulation, and monitoring of patients at a distant in vitro fertilization satellite center with those treated at the main campus of the program. STUDY DESIGN Fifty-four patients completing oocyte retrieval cycles at the Eugene satellite Oregon Health(More)
PURPOSE To describe a bilateral involutional lower eyelid ectropion in a patient with cutis laxa, a paraneoplastic process in multiple myeloma. DESIGN Case report. RESULTS A 60-year-old male presented with a marked involutional left lower eyelid ectropion. Systemic history included cutis laxa, a paraneoplastic feature of multiple myeloma. After surgical(More)
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