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In this paper, we explore alternative TV menu control methods, focusing specifically on older users. We investigated performance and acceptance of freehand gestures by implementing several techniques and conducting a user study with 24 older adults. We expected that older adults would like gesture techniques as they are generally fun to use and easy to(More)
Immigrants represent a substantial part of European society. After emigration, they can suffer from fundamental changes in their socio-economic environment. Therefore, supportive ICT services (e.g. for language learning or job search) have high potential to ease inclusion, especially for newly arrived immigrants with low education. Within an international(More)
Extensive research in the field of ambient assisted living (AAL) provides profound knowledge about the design of AAL systems. However, more generic design characteristics for user interaction have not been formalized for this domain yet. Thus, we propose to develop a domain specific taxonomy for the design of user interaction in AAL systems. We adopted a(More)
Due to recent development of TVs in the direction of highly interactive multimedia platforms, interactive TV (iTV) applications gain popularity. In terms of control possibilities a variety of input modalities have become available, though effects on performance and user experience of different age groups when controlling different iTV applications remain(More)
Understanding human attention in mobile interaction is a relevant part of human computer interaction, indica-ting focus of task, emotion and communication. Lack of large scale studies enabling statistically significant re-sults is due to high costs of manual penetration in eye tracking analysis. With high quality wearable cameras for eye-tracking and Google(More)