Jan-Benedict E. M. Steenkamp

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H ow do competitors react to each other's price-promotion and advertising attacks? What are the reasons for the observed reaction behavior? We answer these questions by performing a large-scale empirical study on the short-run and long-run reactions to promotion and advertising shocks in over 400 consumer product categories over a four-year time span. Our(More)
The authors are listed in reverse alphabetical order. They gratefully acknowledge the support of IRI/Europanel, who provided the data on which this study is based. They thank the participants at the MSI Conference on Competitive Reaction for constructive comments on an earlier draft of this work. Financial support by the Flemish Science Foundation (F.W.O)(More)
SUMMARY The use of price promotions to stimulate brand and firm performance is increasing. We discuss how (i) the availability of longer scanner data time series, and (ii) persistence modelling, have lead to greater insights into the dynamic effects of price promotions, as one can now quantify their immediate, short-run, and long-run effectiveness. We(More)
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