Jan Beermann

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During the last years DNA barcoding has become a popular method of choice for molecular specimen identification. Here we present a comprehensive DNA barcode library of various crustacean taxa found in the North Sea, one of the most extensively studied marine regions of the world. Our data set includes 1,332 barcodes covering 205 species, including taxa of(More)
Due to an unfortunate turn of events, Figs. 12 and 13 were transposed in the above mentioned publication causing the captions to mismatch the respective figures. Both figures including their correct captions are published here and should be treated as definitive by the reader. Fig. 12 Individual cumulative reproductive output (no. egg released per(More)
Developmental and reproductive parameters and their relationships were studied in the marine isopod Idotea linearis. We hypothesized that (1) the temporal patterns of molting and growth undergo complex and sex-specific changes with age as well as with the onset of sexual maturation, and that (2) sexual maturation (and dependent parameters) is controlled by(More)
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