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—Iterative decoding is used to achieve backward compatible performance improvement in several existing systems. Con-catenated coding and iterative decoding are first set up using composite mappings, so that various applications in digital communication and recording can be described in a concise and uniform manner. An ambiguity zone detection (AZD) based(More)
This paper proposes a performance evaluation technique for iteratively (turbo) equalized magnetic recoding systems. The technique decomposes the bit-error rate (BER) function into an integral of two functions. The first function has a closed form expression and is determined by the characteristics of the noise. The second function depends on the parameters(More)
We present performance limits of the optical code-division multiple-access (OCDMA) networks. In particular, we evaluate the information-theoretical capacity of the OCDMA transmission when single-user detection (SUD) is used by the receiver. First, we model the OCDMA transmission as a discrete memoryless channel, evaluate its capacity when binary modulation(More)