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The introduction of the blue-noise spectra-high-frequency white noise with minimal energy at low frequencies-has had a profound impact on digital halftoning for binary display devices, such as inkjet printers, because it represents an optimal distribution of black and white pixels producing the illusion of a given shade of gray. The blue-noise model,(More)
To complement the existing treatment guidelines for all tumour types, ESMO organizes consensus conferences to focus on specific issues in each type of tumour. In this setting, a consensus conference on the management of lymphoma was held on 18 June 2011 in Lugano, next to the 11th International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma. The conference convened ∼30(More)
This paper introduces the concept of complex weighted median (WM) filtering admitting complex weighting. Unlike previous approaches in the literature that only allowed positive real-valued weights, the new WM structures exhibit improved performance as they exploit the richness of unrestricted complex weighting. To this end, the newly defined complex WM(More)
A new design strategy for weighted median (WM) filters admitting real and complex valued weights is presented. The algorithms are derived from Mallows theory for nonlinear selection type smoothers, which states that the closest linear filter to a selection type smoother in the mean square error sense is the one having as coefficients the sample selection(More)
Weighted medians over multichannel signals are not uniquely defined. Due to its simplicity, Astola 's Vector Median (VM) has received considerable attention particularly in image processing applications. In this paper, we show that the VM and its direct extension the Weighted VM are limited as they do not fully utilize the cross-channel correlation. In(More)
The problem of multitoning emerges as the result of advances on printing technology that allow the reproduction of different shades of gray applying techniques like multiple inks, different ink concentration or various dot sizes. The end result is an improvement in the quality of the reproduction. While some algorithms used for binary halftoning have been(More)
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5 … Nikomu z nas Ŝycie, zdaje się, bardzo łatwo nie idzie, ale cóŜ robić, trzeba mieć odwagę i głόwnie wiarę w siebie, w to, Ŝe się jest do czegoś zdolnym i Ŝe do tego czegoś dojść trzeba… Maria Skłodowska – Curie, fizyk, nagrodzona dwukrotnie nagrodą Nobla Moim Rodzicom i Dziadkowi Janowi …You have to have a strength and self-confidence. You have to(More)