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The efficacy and safety of vitamin K antagonists (VKA) are related to the actual level of anticoagulation (given as the international normalized ratio, INR). It is often difficult to maintain an(More)
Hereditary deficiencies of protein S, protein C and antithrombin are known risk factors for first venous thromboembolism. We assessed the absolute risk of recurrence, and the contribution of(More)
Peri-operative endotoxaemia during liver transplantation has been linked to compromised graft function and infection. Selective decontamination of the digestive tract (SDD) could prevent endotoxaemia(More)
Objective: To determine the influence of NSAIDs on the international normalized ratio (INR) in patients with cytochrome P450 (CYP)-2C9 enzyme variants starting acenocoumarol (an oral coumarin)(More)