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Forty individuals with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome were tested using an extensive test battery to obtain more insight about their intelligence level, social competency, temperament, and behavior as well as articulation and receptive and expressive language level. Examination of individuals in the Netherlands who have this rare syndrome has been extensive,(More)
Increases in the scores on IQ tests across generations have been called the Flynn effect (FE). One of the unresolved questions is whether the FE affects all subsamples of the intellectual ability distribution equally. The present study was aimed at determining the size of the FE in moderately mentally retarded individuals. A nonverbal intelligence test(More)
BACKGROUND To gain more insight into the antecedent factors of restraint in institutionalised people with intellectual disability (ID), the role played by several demographic and psychological client variables was investigated. METHODS The data of 475 people (age range 12-95 years) who were residents in a Dutch institution for people with ID were(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective was to find out whether changes in personality and adaptive functioning or memory processes decline first in ageing people with Down syndrome. METHODS We measured these variables cross-sectionally in a Dutch sample (22 to 62 years of age) of 68 institutionalised people with Down syndrome. RESULTS The scores on all the variables(More)
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