Jan Bækgaard Pedersen

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The commercialisation of GM crops in Europe is practically non-existent at the present time. The European Commission has instigated changes to the regulatory process to address the concerns of consumers and member states and to pave the way for removing the current moratorium. With regard to the safety of GM crops and products, the current risk assessment(More)
The principles for the safety assessment of genetically modified (GM) organisms (GMOs) are harmonised worldwide to a large extent. There are, however, still differences between the European GMO regulations and the GMO regulations as they have been formulated in other parts of the world. One of these differences relates to the so-called 'stacked GM events',(More)
Worldwide 30 food plants deliver 95% of human daily intake of plant food calories and around 300 other plant species are delivering the last 5%. These some 300 food plants are likely to be considered traditional in Europe, while the nearly 7000 other plant species traditionally used in the human food supply in other parts of the world may be considered(More)
Working with polygonal models that contain tens of millions of polygons or more is difficult because such models tend not to fit into the core memory of a typical workstation. Even models of only a few million polygons are too large. A typical workstation has a gigabyte of memory, but these large models require an order of magnitude more. Rendering and(More)
Message passing programs commonly use buffers to avoid unnecessary synchronizations and to improve performance by overlapping communication with computation. Unfortunately, using buffers makes the program no longer portable, potentially unable to complete on systems without a sufficient number of buffers. Effective buffer use entails that the minimum number(More)
The correctness of applications that perform asynchronous message passing typically relies on the underlying hardware having a sufficient amount of memory (message buffers) to hold all undelivered messages—such applications may deadlock when executed on a system with an insufficient number of message buffers. Thus, determining the minimum number of buffers(More)
Genetically modified plants must be approved before release in the European Union, and the approval is generally based upon a comparison of various characteristics between the transgenic plant and a conventional counterpart. As a case study, focusing on safety assessment of genetically modified plants, we here report the development and characterisation of(More)
We present an algorithm for correcting communication errors using delivered and undelivered messages. It is used to suggest corrective measures to remove errors introduced by typographical errors in message passing systems like PVM and MPI. The paper focuses on the validity of the algorithm by proving that for a nontrivial number of errors the algorithm can(More)