Jan Anthonis

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—This paper presents a multiphysics modeling of a switched reluctance motor (SRM) to simulate the acoustic radiation of the electrical machine. The proposed method uses a 2-D finite-element model of the motor to simulate its magnetic properties and a multiphysics mechatronic model of the motor and controls to simulate operating conditions. Magnetic forces(More)
AUTOSAR, the Automotive Open System Architecture, is growing to an accepted industrial standard for the development of automotive embedded software. The AUTOSAR design method describes a software development process starting at the architectural design up to the deployment of the developed software on embedded controllers. Since most companies already have(More)
The product race has become an innovation race, reconciling challenges of branding, performance, time to market and competitive pricing while complying with ecological, safety and legislation constraints. The answer lies in “smart” products of high complexity, relying on heterogeneous technologies and involving active components. To keep pace with this(More)
den Bulcke. 2002. Development of a weed activated spraying machine for targeted application of herbicides. Mathematical modelling and comparison of several passive vertical spray boom suspensions. a slow active suspension for stabilizing the roll of spray booms Part 1: Hybrid Modelling. a slow active suspension for stabilizing the roll of spray booms Part(More)
— This paper investigates the control of pressure in a hydraulic circuit containing a dead band and a time varying delay. The dead band is considered as a linear term and a perturbation. A sliding mode controller is designed. Stability conditions are established by making use of Lyapunov Krasovskii functionals, non-perfect time delay estimation is studied(More)
Vehicle chassis control systems aim at increasing vehicle safety and performance, while ensuring superior passenger comfort. Nearly all control algorithms are sensitive to the inertial parameters of a vehicle. As the vehicle mass, the moments of inertia, and the centre of gravity (COG) position can change significantly during operation, an accurate online(More)
— This paper analyzes the impact of realistic actu-ator constraints on the potential performance of a hydraulic active suspension system. The optimal control force, requested by an independent vehicle-level control law, can often not be generated by the hydraulic actuator due to physical constraints, resulting in a significant reduction of the suspension(More)
This paper presents the performances of a surface-mounted permanent-magnet synchronous machine (SM-PMSM) from the electromagnetic and structural analysis point of view, which are evaluated numerically and through tests. The goal is to evaluate the possibility to use this SM-PMSM for the propulsion of a light-electric vehicle (L-EV), knowing that on one hand(More)