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Conventional fractionation procedures were used in an effort to define the subcellular distribution of the Thy-1 alloantigen in whole mouse brain. After discontinuous sucrose density gradient centrifugation of isotonic postnuclear particulate fractions, the bulk of Thy-1 was recovered in regions of the gradients containing synaptosomes. The synaptosome(More)
There are currently no studies available in the literature to highlight nurses' experiences of the assertive outreach (AO) engagement process. This study aimed to understand how AO nurses experience this process and what can be learned from it. The participants were five nurses working in a rural AO service in one county. Methodological considerations were(More)
Clarity is a functional schematic programming language currently freely available to the community 2. It is a programming environment that allows a user to draw a program as a set of directed graphs. The term schematic is drawn from the traditions of engineering where the diagrams that represent electronic circuits or those of physical objects are often(More)
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