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Dit proefschrift is goedgekeurd door de promotoren: " To me it is of very little importance whether they [Masters] exist or whether they do not exist, because when you have to walk to the camp or to the station from here, there are people ahead of you, nearer the station, people who have started earlier. What is more important – to get to the station or to(More)
  • I J M Besselink, Main Landing Gears, J P Pauwelussen, J A Mulder, Ing W Kortüm, D H Van Campen +1 other
  • 2007
The author makes no warranty that the methods, calculations and data in this book are free from error. The application of the methods and results are at the user's risk and the author disclaims all liability for damages, whether direct, incidental or consequential, arising from such application or from any other use of this book. Those who cannot remember(More)
  • T M Lam, M Mulder, M M Van Paassen, J A Mulder, F C T Van Der Helm
  • 2009
This study investigates the application of force-stiffness feedback, a combination of force offset and extra spring load, to a haptic interface for UAV tele-operation with time delay. Force feedback is based on applying force offsets that induce operator stick deflections that guide the UAV away from obstacles. Additional stiffness feedback limits the(More)
The use of specialization hierarchies in model-based vision systems may cause problems with uniformity in representation and efficiency. The concept of a discrimination graph is introduced. Such a graph facilitates the representation of hypothetical and ambiguous interpretations in a uniform and efficient way. We describe the implementation of Mapsee-3, a(More)
Ecosystem stores of carbon are a key component in the global carbon cycle. Many studies have examined the impact of climate change on ecosystem carbon storage, but few have investigated the impact of land-use change and herbivory. However, land-use change is a major aspect of environmental change, and livestock grazing is the most extensive land use(More)
Schema-based representations for visual knowledge are integrated with constraint satisfaction techniques. This integration is discussed in a progression of three sketch map interpretation programs: Mapsee-1, Mapsee-2, and Mapsee-3. The programs are evaluated by the criteria of descriptive and procedural adequacy. The evaluation indicates that a schema-based(More)
BACKGROUND Dental decay is the most common childhood disease worldwide and most of the decay remains untreated. In the Philippines caries levels are among the highest in the South East Asian region. Elementary school children suffer from high prevalence of stunting and underweight.The present study aimed to investigate the association between untreated(More)
Biochar addition to agricultural soils can improve soil fertility, with the added bonus of climate change mitigation through carbon sequestration. Conservation farming (CF) is precision farming, often combining minimum tillage, crop rotation and residue retention. In the present farmer-led field trials carried out in Zambia, the use of a low dosage biochar(More)
The effectiveness of virtual driving instruction can increase when techniques that automatically distinguish between violations and errors are available, two behaviours requiring different types of remediation. This study reports the analysis of the objectively measured performance of 520 participants completing a simulation-based training programme. Factor(More)