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Transition Economies: Performance and Challenges
I present data and assess the first twelve years of the transition from plan to market. Transformations have taken place, but the income gap between the transition and advanced economies has widened.Expand
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Effects of Privatization and Ownership in Transition Economies
In this paper, we evaluate what we have learned to date about the effects of privatization from the experiences during the last fifteen to twenty years in the postcommunist (transition) economiesExpand
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Globalization and Innovation in Emerging Markets
Globalization brings opportunities and pressures for domestic firms in emerging markets to innovate and improve their competitive position. Using data on firms in 27 transition economies, the authorsExpand
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When Does FDI Have Positive Spillovers? Evidence from 17 Emerging Market Economies
We use firm-level data and national input-output tables from 17 countries over the 2002-2005 period to test new and existing hypotheses about the impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) on theExpand
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Returns to Human Capital Under The Communist Wage Grid and During the Transition to a Market Economy
We estimate returns to human capital during communism and the transition using data on 2,284 men in the Czech Republic. We show: (a) extremely low and constant rates of return to education under theExpand
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Bargaining power, fear of disagreement and wage settlements: theory and evidence from U.S. industry
The paper develops and estimates a theoretical model of wage determination and union-nonunion wage differentials. In order to overcome the institutional ctiticisms of the formal bargainingExpand
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Unemployment and the Social Safety Net During Transitions to a Market Economy: Evidence from the Czech and Slovak Republics
The authors investigate the remarkably short unemployment spells in the Czech Republic compared to Slovakia and other Central and East European economies. They estimate hazard functions and find thatExpand
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Business Environment, Exports, Ownership, and Firm Performance
We use two large samples of firms to assess the effects of business environment constraints, competition, export orientation, and ownership on firm performance. We deal with omitted variables, errorsExpand
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Investment, Credit Rationing, and the Soft Budget Constraint: Evidence from Czech Panel Data
Strategic restructuring of firms through investment is key to a transition from plan to market. Using data on industrial firms in the Czech Republic during 1992-1998, we find that foreign-ownedExpand
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Equity and Development
This year, the workshop examined the conceptual foundation of the workshop sessions by discussing the definition of equity itself. What do we mean by equity, and how does equity differ from equality?Expand
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