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The objective of this work is to assess the qualities of the MOFScript language, which has recently been submitted to the OMG as a proposed model to text transformation language. This is done by identifying requirements for this type of language and evaluating the MOFScript language with regard to these. The language is presented along with a tool(More)
The main objective of the CORAS project is to provide methods and tools for precise, unambiguous, and efficient risk assessment of security critical systems. To this end, we advocate a model-based approach to risk assessment, and this paper attempts to define the required models for this. Whereas traditional risk assessment is performed without any formal(More)
The EU-funded CORAS project (IST-2000-25031) is developing a framework for model-based risk assessment of security-critical systems. This framework is characterised by: (1) A careful integration of techniques and features from partly complementary risk assessment methods. (2) Patterns and methodology for UML oriented modelling targeting the different risk(More)
In this paper we introduce the need for a formalised way of describing an organisation. We motivate this in the context of requiring the ability to support the creation of virtual enterprises. We introduce a number of key enterprise modelling concepts from the Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing (RM-ODP) Enterprise Viewpoint. We then use these(More)
Constructing and executing distributed applications that can adapt to their current operating context, in order to maintain or enhance Quality of Service (QoS) attribute levels, are complex tasks. Managing multiple, interacting QoS features is particularly difficult since these features tend to be distributed across the system and tangled with other(More)