Jamus O'Brien

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We examined the effects of dorsal, ventral, or complete damage to the hippocampus on long-term retention of a Pavlovian conditioned fear response to a tone and a context paired with foot shock. Rats received a fear conditioning episode, in which a tone and context or context-alone were paired with foot shock. Two days or 12 weeks later, they received sham,(More)
We assessed the involvement of the hippocampus in recall of learned fear of a discrete visual stimulus using a fear-potentiated startle (FPS) procedure. Recall was measured by an increase in acoustic startle in the presence of a light that was paired with footshock. In Experiment 1, rats either received sham, dorsal, ventral, or complete (dorsal and(More)
In an effort to evaluate episodic memory processes in the rat, we developed a novel Pavlovian conditioning procedure. Rats explored two distinctive contexts, one in the morning and the other in the evening. Subsequently, either in the morning or the evening, they received a foot shock immediately upon entry into a third context that equally resembled the(More)
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