Jamuna Chitra

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Lactobacillus helveticus MTCC 5463 was isolated from a vaginal swab from a healthy adult female. The strain exhibited potential probiotic properties, with their beneficial role in the gastrointestinal tract and their ability to reduce cholesterol and stimulate immunity. We sequenced the whole genome and compared it with the published genome sequence of(More)
Secure and reliable group communication is an active area of this paper. The main problem in secure group communication is group dynamics and key management. It focuses on trade-offs between storage cost and rekeying cost for secure multicasting. Membership in secure multicast group is dynamic and requires multiple updates in a single time frame. A scalable(More)
This paper presents a Selective Harmonic Elimination-PWM technology(SHE-PWM) for STATCOM (Static Synchronous Compensator) system employing H-Bridge multilevel inverter configuration. In this method variable DC voltage is used and the lower order harmonics are eliminated, without affecting the structure of the inverter. This method gives constant switching(More)
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