Jamshid Taghiloo

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VANET is new generation of ad hoc networks that implement between vehicles on a road. Because of high mobility, routing in VANET has more problems than MANET. Thereby, in this paper we propose a modification on AODV as MANET routing protocol to make it adaptive for VANET. When a node is mobile, it has three mobility parameters: position, direction and(More)
Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are networks with self-organizing capabilities and without a fixed infrastructure. Wireless nodes communicate among themselves using multi-hop radio relaying, without requiring the packets to pass through a central access point or a base station. Routing is a function of speed and stability with which the nodes are able to(More)
Mobile ad hoc networking offers convenient infrastructure-less communication over the shared wireless channels. The major research efforts in the area of Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) focus on developing efficient routing protocols assuming that IP addresses of mobile hosts have been already configured before joining the network. Providing security for IP(More)
The main task of an address auto-configuration protocol is to manage the resource address space. It must be able to select, allocate, and assign a unique network address to an un-configured node. We present the VASM protocol [1], which allows nodes in an ad hoc network to configure their own IP address automatically. Due to the mobility of nodes, different(More)
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