Jamshid Ghaboussi

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A new representation combining redundancy and implicit fitness constraints is introduced that performs better than a simple genetic algorithm (GA) and a structured GA in experiments. The implicit redundant representation (IRR) consists of a string that is over-specified, allowing for sections of the string to remain inactive during function evaluation. The(More)
This paper presents an improved self-learning simulation and its application to modeling of 'cyclic' behavior of the connections from the results of structural testing. Unlike other inverse modeling approaches such as parameter optimization methods, the proposed method requires no prior knowledge about the behavior and model. It can extract the cyclic(More)
This paper presents findings of a railroad ballast Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) research study focused on investigating ballast settlement under repeated wheel loading. In this approach, the ballast layer is modeled as an assembly of aggregate particles, AREMA No. 24 ballast gradation with different shapes and angularities and rough surface textures. The(More)
A new control method using Genetic Algorithms (GAs) to reduce the structural response under seismic excitation is proposed. The proposed control method uses state space reconstruction technique to obtain the full state performance from the available reduced order feedback. The controller is optimized using GAs without making simplifying assumptions. The(More)
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