Jamison Scholer

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In an 11-week greenhouse study, caged queenright colonies of Bombus impatiens Cresson, were fed treatments of 0 (0 ppb actual residue I, imidacloprid; C, clothianidin), 10 (14 I, 9 C), 20 (16 I, 17C), 50 (71 I, 39 C) and 100 (127 I, 76 C) ppb imidacloprid or clothianidin in sugar syrup (50%). These treatments overlapped the residue levels found in pollen(More)
Twenty patients, five males and fifteen females, who had rubella arthritis were observed for periods ranging from one to ten years after recovery. Rubella arthritis in these patients was characterized by polyarthritis associated with fibrositis, myalgia, paresthesias and muscular weakness. All of the male patients but only one-third of the females had(More)