Jamison Scholer

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In an 11-week greenhouse study, caged queenright colonies of Bombus impatiens Cresson, were fed treatments of 0 (0 ppb actual residue I, imidacloprid; C, clothianidin), 10 (14 I, 9 C), 20 (16 I, 17C), 50 (71 I, 39 C) and 100 (127 I, 76 C) ppb imidacloprid or clothianidin in sugar syrup (50%). These treatments overlapped the residue levels found in pollen(More)
The effects of thyroid hormone on the NADH-tetrazolium reductase activity (oxidative metabolism marker) of soleus (slow-oxidative) and tensor fascia lata (fast-glycolytic) motoneurons were determined and compared with changes in a variety of enzyme activities in the corresponding muscle fibers. Histochemical assays have demonstrated a selective and(More)
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