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Mobile ad-hoc network which is constructed via mobile nodes without the pre-registration of nodes have created problem in resource sharing. As nodes can join/leave the network randomly therefore nodes may not aware to which nodes is it connected with and this make resources been shared among anonymous nodes which can be trusted/not trusted. This has created(More)
Data mining and/or knowledge discovery is a very hot issue nowadays, as more and more information is being stored digitally the ability to collect data far outweighs the ability for a person to analyze it. Therefore data mining and knowledge discovery is a very important part of today’s business. The purpose of this is to find descriptive and predictive(More)
Mobile ad-hoc network is a network that can dynamically setup on the fly by mobile nodes. Due to its unique characteristics, it is becoming an attractive choice for commercial and also military application and among the used is to support information sharing among mobile nodes. However due to its borderless infrastructure, this network is highly susceptible(More)
In disaster area, where the infrastructures is partially or fully destroyed, a form of communication to allow information been shared among rescue team is needed. Since Mobile ad-hoc network is easy to setup and required less infrastructure therefore it is a suitable candidate to work in disaster area. Despite of its uniqueness, this network is highly(More)
Pervasive computing environments (PCE) derive the emergence of new pervasive application ranging from home to healthcare domain. These applications can be accessed from any place; at any time from anyone as in PCE users are mobile and may use mobile devices in accessing the resources and services. Thus controlling access to resource/services is a concern(More)
This paper represents in a test-bed performed to measure and evaluates the performance of IPv4 and IPv6 network. The installation and running the test-bed was done for IPv4 and IPv6, using three metrics, bandwidth, packet loss and jitter. The result is that, the bandwidth size will lead to loss some packets during the streaming, while jitter leads to(More)
The majority of traffic flows dominate Internet traffic is Web interactions where they are shortlived HTTP connections handled by TCP. Shortlived traffic is more sensitive to delay and has small congestion windows cwnds. This paper introduces a new active queue management (AQM) algorithms based on combination of GREEN algorithm and SHRED, to tackle issues(More)
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