Jamilia Pichon

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OBJECTIVE To assess the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the faculty, staff and students at a university located in New Orleans, LA. DESIGN A cross-sectional, Web-based survey. SETTING A local college university in New Orleans, LA. PARTICIPANTS A total of 364 faculty, staff and students surveyed during mid July 2006 to September 2006. MAIN OUTCOME(More)
Effects of scattering material and energy resolution,' Phys. Med. Biol., 34, pp. 199-208 MUNTZ, E. P., FEWELL, T., JENNINGS, R., and BERNSTEIN, H. (1983): 'On the significance of very small angle scattered radiation to radiographic imaging at low energies,' Med. Phys., 10, pp. 819-823 NDIOVU, A. M., FARRELL, T. J., and WEBBER, C. E. (199l): 'Coherent(More)
Systems whose potential energies consists of pieces that scale as r;{-2} together with pieces that scale as r;{2} , show no violent relaxation to Virial equilibrium but may pulsate at considerable amplitude forever. Despite this pulsation these systems form lattices when the nonpulsational "energy" is low, and these disintegrate as that energy is increased.(More)
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