Jamila Crawford

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A total of 455 patients aged over 70 years with a displaced intracapsular fracture of the proximal femur was randomised to be treated either by hemiarthroplasty or internal fixation. The preoperative characteristics of the patients in both groups were similar. Internal fixation has a shorter length of anaesthesia (36 minutes versus 57 minutes, p < 0.0001),(More)
The results of an analysis of the surgery ("Repair of Ptosis using Frontalis Muscle and Fascia Lata") carried out on 316 lids is presented. The main indication for this operation is a large congenital ptosis with minimal levator function. Conclusions from the study indicate that autogenous fascia is an ideal tissue for lid suspension, and is better than(More)
The major findings in a study of 51 infants and children with infantile hemangioma of the eyelid were as follows: Visual complications occurred in 27 patients. The most common complications were amblyopia (in 22) and strabismus (in 17). Amblyopia of 6/60 (20/200) or less was probably caused by stimulus-deprivation, but amblyopia in the range of 6/30(More)
Acute and chronic pain resulting from injury, surgery, or disease afflicts >100 million Americans each year, having a severe impact on mood, mental health, and quality of life. The lack of structural and functional information for most ion channels, many of which play key roles in the detection and transmission of noxious stimuli, means that there remain(More)