Jamil da Silva Soares

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BACKGROUND Our study set out to determine the prevalence of depressive symptoms and variables that influence its presence in patients hospitalized for heart failure. Depression is associated with a substantially increased risk of developing heart failure in individuals at risk, and has been related to adverse outcomes in patients with established heart(More)
BACKGROUND Although thrombolysis and primary CTA are well-established procedures, they are not administered in a large proportion of the patients with STEMI who arrive to the emergency rooms. OBJECTIVE Describe initial and final the results in a cohort of STEMI patients METHODS The study included, from hospital admission to the discharge, 158 patients(More)
OBJECTIVE To demonstrate the prevalence of stress hyperglycemia in a cohort of patients with acute coronary syndrome and to determine the correlation of stress hyperglycemia with death, heart failure and/or left ventricular systolic dysfunction during the intrahospital phase. METHODS A prospective initial cohort study of hospitalized patients with acute(More)
OBJECTIVES The length of stay after prolonged cardiac surgery has been associated with poor immediate outcomes and increased costs. This study aimed to evaluate the predictive power of the Ambler Score to anticipate the length of stay in the intensive care unit. METHODS This was a retrospective cohort study based on data collected from 110 patients(More)
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