Jamil Faraj

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Stemming role and root extraction in the context of information retrieval systems is significant particularly for the Arabic language. In this article, we proposed and implemented a novel algorithm to extract tri-literal Arabic roots. Rootless words are filtered out then prefixes and suffixes removal is performed. Double letters that belong to the Arabic(More)
A test bench allowing S-parameters measurements from 10 Hz to 40 GHz has been set-up, this set-up has been used to investigate the DC to RF behavior of AlInN/GaN HEMTS. The measurement performed have demonstrated the dispersion effects observed on GaN HEMTS due to trapping effects and proved very useful for in-depth characterization of RF devices.
We report in this paper on the improvement of the model presented in [1] for AlGaN/GaN HEMT especially focused on switch applications. We developed a new method to measure accurately the ON resistance Ron versus the junction temperature, and will compare here our thermal model to the measurements realized in pulsed I(V) and in [S]-parameters. We also(More)
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