Jamil Ahmad

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In this paper, we propose a refinement of the modelling of biological regulatory networks based on the discrete approach of Rene Thomas. We refine and automatise the use of delays of activation/inhibition in order to specify which variable is more quickly affected by a change of its regulators. The formalism of linear hybrid automata is well suited to allow(More)
There are five different types of steganography based on the carrier object that is used for embedding the secret information. The carrier object may be images, text, videos, audios or network protocol packets. If the image is used as a carrier, it is called image steganography. Similarly if video is used for hiding secret messages, we call it video(More)
Image Steganography is the process of embedding text in images such that its existence cannot be detected by Human Visual System (HVS) and is known only to sender and receiver. This paper presents a novel approach for image steganography using Hue-Saturation-Intensity (HSI) color space based on Least Significant Bit (LSB). The proposed method transforms the(More)
BACKGROUND Hereditary cataracts are most frequently inherited as autosomal dominant traits, but can also be inherited in an autosomal recessive or X-linked fashion. To date, 12 loci for autosomal recessive cataracts have been mapped including a locus on chromosome 16q22 containing the disease-causing gene HSF4 (Genbank accession number NM_001040667). Here,(More)
The modelling of gene regulatory networks (GRNs) has classically been addressed through very different approaches. Among others, extensions of Thomas's asynchronous Boolean approach have been proposed, to better fit the dynamics of biological systems: genes may reach different discrete expression levels, depending on the states of other genes, called the(More)
The discrete modeling formalism of René Thomas is a well known approach for the modeling and analysis of Biological Regulatory Networks (BRNs). This formalism uses a set of parameters which reflect the dynamics of the BRN under study. These parameters are initially unknown but may be deduced from the appropriately chosen observed dynamics of a BRN. The(More)
Visual media has always been the most enjoyed way of communication. From the advent of television to the modern day hand held computers, we have witnessed the exponential growth of images around us. Undoubtedly it's a fact that they carry a lot of information in them which needs be utilized in an effective manner. Hence intense need has been felt to(More)