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A bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling pathway is implicated in dorsoventral patterning in Xenopus. Here we show that three genes in the zebrafish, swirl, snailhouse, and somitabun, function as critical components within a BMP pathway to pattern ventral regions of the embryo. The dorsalized mutant phenotypes of these genes can be rescued by(More)
A bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling pathway acts in the establishment of the dorsoventral axis of the vertebrate embryo. Here we demonstrate the genetic requirement for two different Bmp ligand subclass genes for dorsoventral pattern formation of the zebrafish embryo. From the relative efficiencies observed in Bmp ligand rescue experiments,(More)
We have studied the role of Bmp signaling in patterning neural tissue through the use of mutants in the zebrafish that disrupt three different components of a Bmp signaling pathway: swirl/bmp2b, snailhouse/bmp7 and somitabun/smad5. We demonstrate that Bmp signaling is essential for the establishment of the prospective neural crest and dorsal sensory(More)
A highly conserved TGF-&bgr; signaling pathway is involved in the establishment of the dorsoventral axis of the vertebrate embryo. Specifically, Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (Bmps) pattern ventral tissues of the embryo while inhibitors of Bmps, such as Chordin, Noggin and Follistatin, are implicated in dorsal mesodermal and neural development. We(More)
BACKGROUND Hypertension is common in chronic hemodialysis patients, yet there are limited data on the epidemiology of hypertension in these patients in the United States. METHODS We assessed the prevalence, treatment, and control of hypertension in a cohort of 2535 clinically stable, adult hemodialysis patients who participated in a multicenter study of(More)
PURPOSE Recombinant human erythropoietin (rHuEPO) is the standard of care for patients with chemotherapy-related anemia. Intravenous (IV) iron improves hemoglobin (Hb) response and decreases dosage requirements in patients with anemia of kidney disease, but its effect has not been studied in randomized trials in cancer patients. METHODS This prospective,(More)
TGFbeta signaling pathways of the bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) subclass are essential for dorsoventral pattern formation of both vertebrate and invertebrate embryos. Here we determine by chromosomal mapping, linkage analysis, cDNA sequencing and mRNA rescue that the dorsalized zebrafish mutant lost-a-fin (laf) is defective in the gene activin(More)
After seeding at subconfluent densities, human adrenocortical adenocarcinoma cells (SW-13) proliferate to form a typical epithelial monolayer upon the culture vessel substratum. Single cells of the confluent monolayer are spontaneously released into the medium, however, where they may remain isolated or reaggregate with other floating cells. In this study,(More)
OBJECTIVE To document rates of adhesion development after abdomino-pelvic surgery, stratified by adhesion type, access method, and use of crystalloid solution instillates. DESIGN Reports from a MEDLINE search (1/1/1966-12/18/1996) detailing rates of adhesion development and meeting the inclusion criteria were subjected to meta-analysis. SETTING(More)