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The adipocyte is a key regulator of mammalian metabolism. To advance our understanding of this important cell, we have used quantitative proteomics to define the protein composition of the adipocyte plasma membrane (PM) in the presence and absence of insulin. Using this approach, we have identified a high confidence list of 486 PM proteins, 52 of which(More)
We describe a new method, PhenomeExpress, for the analysis of transcriptomic datasets to identify pathogenic disease mechanisms. Our analysis method includes input from both protein-protein interaction and phenotype similarity networks. This introduces valuable information from disease relevant phenotypes, which aids the identification of sub-networks that(More)
PhenomeScape is a Cytoscape app which provides easy access to the PhenomeExpress algorithm to interpret gene expression data. PhenomeExpress integrates protein interaction networks with known phenotype to gene associations to find active sub-networks enriched in differentially expressed genes. It also incorporates cross-species phenotypes and associations(More)
Multiplication-stimulating activity (125I-MSA) has been shown to bind to isolated rabbit chondrocytes, the binding being dependent on time, temperature, and cell density. Nonspecific binding was approximately 15%. Unlabelled MSA at 100 ng/ml inhibited125I-MSA binding by 50%. Porcine insulin (0.5–10 µg/ml) did not compete with MSA but resulted in a 10–15%(More)
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