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An in vitro study was carried out to determine the presence of free infectious CMV in the supernatant of donated units of blood and platelets which were known to be CMV seropositive. One sample was taken from each of 10 units of CMV-seropositive platelet donations which were 4 days old. Ten units of seropositive blood were sampled at intervals over their(More)
In order to study the efficiency of third generation blood filters we have devised a new method using 3 microns pore size polycarbonate filter membranes and a filtration chamber to trap leucocytes passing through the blood filter. The method has enabled us to make two important observations: (1) The filters function very efficiently at the start but the(More)
A Rhesus negative female was found post delivery to have circulating cells of fetal origin. The neonate was typed as D-positive. In spite of more than conventionally adequate doses of anti-D immunoglobulin given to the mother, the fetal cell count in the maternal circulation remained unchanged. Further investigation showed the fetus to be a Du variant and(More)
We evaluated the efficiency of Pall RC100 leucocyte removal filters in processing two units of concentrated red cells for transfusion. Our results show that the filter is very effective in processing the first unit. However, 32% (5/16) of the filters evaluated allowed a leak of substantial numbers of white cells towards the end of the transfusion of the(More)