Jamie Rasmussen

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Many government agencies, hospitals, and other organizations collect personal data of a sensitive nature. Often, these groups would like to release their data for statistical analysis by the scientific community, but do not want to cause the subjects of the data embarrassment or harassment. To resolve this conflict between privacy and progress, data is(More)
The Empowering Minds Learning Network is a web-based environment that supports discussion and reflection on classroom activities. The environment collects and organizes multimedia files and documents from participating students and teachers, allowing them to share their work with each other, with their communities, and with the world. The environment also(More)
Preschool children, aged 4 and 5 years, report different understandings of the phenomenon of plant reproduction. We use their ideas as a starting point in designing an electronic device that illustrates phases of plant growth in response to children's augmentations or inhibitions of levels of water, light and temperature. Sensors are the crucial bridge(More)
(1986), An introduction to the European Hydrological System-système hydrologique européen (SHE): 1. History and philosophy of a physically-based, distributed modelling sytem. Combining binary decision tree and geostatistical methods to estimate snow distribution in a mountain watershed. (2001), An evaluation of multi-criteria methods in integrated(More)
  • L P Goodstein, L J B F B M P Goddstein, +9 authors S Yoshismura
  • 1985
OD Nmrtnln PottUHNMwn Nonftc tonlaktorganfcV hcrtahtaganaUft akMRMnatgis-»aison committee tor ttattmntigipmguttk manwnmqjkigpi yMysatn atomic energy ABSTRACT Advanced technology is having the effect that industrial systems are becoming more highly automate i and do not rely on human intervention for the control o ormally planned and/or predicted situations.(More)
I hereby certify that this material, which I now submit for assessment on the program of study leading to the award of Master of Arts by Thesis/Research is entirely my own work and has not been taken from the work of others save and to the extent that such work has been cited and acknowledged within the text of my work. Abstract The essence of this study is(More)
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