Jamie R Jones

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The effects of 10 paramagnetic metal complexes (Fe(III)EDTA(H2O)-, Fe(III)EDTA(OH)2-, Fe(III)PDTA-, Fe(III)DTPA2-, Fe(III)2O(TTHA)2-, Fe(III)(CN)6(3-), Mn(II)EDTA(H2O)2-, Mn(II)PDTA2-, Mn(II)beta-EDDADP2-, and Mn(II)PO4(-)) on F- ion 19F NMR transverse relaxation rates (R2 = 1/T2) were studied in aqueous solutions as a function of temperature. Consistent(More)
Loss of tritium from a substrate is often used to estimate the rate of dehydrogenation. However, loss of 3H may be much slower than loss of H because of the tritium isotope effect. In order to assess the impact of the tritium isotope effect, loss of 3H from the C-5 position of proline during dehydrogenation by rat liver mitochondria and bacteroids from(More)
RATIONALE Carbon (δ(13) C) and nitrogen (δ(15) N) analysis has been extensively used to investigate the importance of marine foods in the diet of archaeological populations in the North Atlantic Islands; however, few faunal studies exist to aid the interpretation of results. Palaeoenvironmental modelling of δ(13) C and δ(15) N values is crucial in(More)
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