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BACKGROUND Brain abnormalities of subcortical and limbic nuclei are common in patients with schizophrenia, and variation in these structures is considered a putative endophenotype for the disorder. Multiplex-multigenerational families with schizophrenia provide an opportunity to investigate the impact of shared genetic ancestry, but these families have not(More)
The recA protein of Escherichia coli promotes pairing in vitro between covalent circular duplex DNA and homologous circular duplex DNA containing a single stranded region. We have used a filter binding assay to investigate the frequency of homologous pairing between gapped and intact duplex DNA when unwinding of the free 3' and 5' ends of the gapped(More)
This article addresses the practical problem of economically assessing a patient's support systems within the exigencies of a psychiatric emergency service and the limits of a routine intake interview. The methodology described includes an open-ended clinical interview, in both brief and expanded form, which can be integrated into standard clinic procedures(More)
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