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Struggling with the Creative Class
This article develops a critique of the recently popularized concepts of the ‘creative class’ and ‘creative cities’. The geographic reach and policy salience of these discourses is explained not inExpand
Neoliberalizing Space
This paper revisits the question of the political and theoretical status of neoliberalism, making the case for a process-based analysis of “neoliberalization.” Drawing on the experience of theExpand
Geography and public policy: constructions of neoliberalism
Iraq now has a new tax code. The US-appointed head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, L. Paul Bremer, announced in October 2003 that the new tax regime would be 'admirably straightforward'; itExpand
Political Economies of Scale: Fast Policy, Interscalar Relations, and Neoliberal Workfare*
Abstract Taking as its point of departure recent debates on the theoretical status of scale and rescaling in political-economic geography, this article explores the scalar politics of neoliberalExpand
Economic Sociologies in Space
Abstract How might economic geography (re)position itself within the interdisciplinary field of heterodox economics? Reflecting on this question, this article offers a critical assessment of the “NewExpand
Geography and public policy: mapping the penal state
It is no mere coincidence that recent years have witnessed a resurgence in statetheoretical work in geography, much of which has been animated by a concern to track, map and explain a series ofExpand
2. Neoliberalizing Space
Liberating the City: Between New York and New Orleans
The paper develops a critical analysis of the intellectual project of the "new urban right," highlighting the role of conservative and free-market think tanks in the formation, elaboration, andExpand