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To investigate several neurobiological theories we evaluated the neuropsychological functioning of 15 non-mentally retarded autistic adolescents and young adults and 15 controls matched on age, gender, IQ, and race. The autistic subjects were found to perform less well than controls on measures of abstraction involving cognitive flexibility, verbal(More)
Context-aware computing refers to a paradigm in which applications sense aspects of the environment and use this information to adjust their behavior in response to changing circumstances. In this paper, we present a formal model and notation (Context UNITY) for expressing quintessential aspects of context-aware computations ; existential quantification,(More)
The progression of component-based software engineering (CBSE) is essential to the rapid, cost-effective development of complex software systems. Given the choice of well-tested components, CBSE affords reusability and increases reliability. However, applications developed according to this practice can often suffer from difficult maintenance and control,(More)
Queries are convenient abstractions for the discovery of information and services, as they offer content-based information access. In distributed settings, query semantics are well-defined, e.g., they often satisfy ACID transactional properties. In a dynamic network setting, however, achieving transactional semantics becomes complex due to the openness and(More)
While the health benefits of exercise are wide-ranging and wellknown, the population of the United States is suffering from a lack of physical activity. We believe that combining elements of social interaction with exercise in video games will lead to increased and sustained engagement in physical activity. In this paper, we present an initial design of(More)
Component interoperability has become an important concern as companies migrate legacy systems, integrate COTS products, and assemble modules from disparate sources into a single application. While middleware is available for this purpose, it often does not form a complete bridge between components and may be inflexible as the application evolves. What is(More)
The clinical spectrum of autism spans a broad range of functions, but the core symptoms remain the same regardless of the intelligence of the child: the autistic type of social deficit that ranges from a lack of inclination to relate to extreme difficulty with the mechanics of social interactions, a global communication deficit that involves both verbal and(More)
Context-awareness refers to a computing model where application behavior is driven by a continually-changing environment. Mobile computing poses unique challenges to context-sensitive applications and middleware, including the ability to run on resource-poor devices like PDAs and the necessity to limit assumptions about the underlying network. Though(More)
Context-awareness is emerging as an important computing paradigm designed to address the special needs of applications that must accommodate or exploit the highly dynamic environments that occur in the presence of physical or logical mobility. A number of formal models are available for reasoning about concurrency. Models designed to capture the specifics(More)