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OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS The objective was to develop an abbreviated voice handicap assessment instrument and compare it with the Voice Handicap Index (VHI). STUDY DESIGN Item analysis of the VHI in individuals without voice disorders and patients with voice disorders and creation and validation of the abbreviated VHI. METHODS Clinical consensus review of(More)
Sundown syndrome describes the increase in agitation and delirium in elderly patients with dementia that occurs in the evening after sunset. In a nursing home, data were gathered over a year-long period to test the hypothesis that the administration of PRN (pro re nata, given as needed) medications for agitation in Alzheimer's patients would reflect sundown(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical trials of stroke therapy have been hampered by slow rates of enrolment. PURPOSE Our purpose is to validate a previously developed model for accelerating enrolment in clinical trials by replicating it at new locations. The model employs coordinators who travel from a host institution to enrol participants from a network of participating(More)
Five experiments were conducted in which preschool children (29-73 months) matched pictures of common objects. Each trial consisted of a sample and two comparison pictures (all three together defined as a trial type) in which the sample was related to one comparison taxonomically and to the other thematically. The intent of each experiment was to replicate(More)
Four brief observational surveys were used to score residents of a state institution for people with mental retardation as drooling/not drooling. An average of 14% of the population was identified as drooling on the occasion of any of the surveys; the accumulated proportion of clients reported as drooling was 28%. In a second study, the drooling of 2 of the(More)
Pairs of pictures were classified by the authors and others as related by identity (A-A), basic taxonomy (A-B), superordinate taxonomy (A-C), or by theme (A-D). Two-choice matching-to-sample trial types were composed of these same picture pairs in which the sample was common to the two stimulus pairs in each configuration and, together with the sample, each(More)
Tonsillectomy is the most commonly performed operation in otolaryngology practice. In order to assess outcome and improve quality of care, 65 patients were asked to answer a post-operative questionnaire. The questionnaire was then audited and patient management changed. Following this, another group of 65 patients revealed, in the same questionnaire, a(More)
Cyclical self-injurious behavior (SIB) in the form of self-slapping was treated in a 45-year-old, profoundly retarded woman who had a life-long history of SIB. Her SIB alternated between high (mean = 8.54 responses per min; SD = 6.77 and low (mean = 0.05 responses per min; SD = 0.20) frequencies every 8 weeks on average. Instances of self-slapping produced(More)
In their book, Relational Frame Theory: A Post-Skinnerian Account of Human Language and Cognition (2001), Hayes, Barnes-Holmes and Roche challenge behavior analysts to put aside Skinner and Verbal Behavior in favor of relational frame theory's approach to human language and cognition. However, when viewed from the contexts of behavior analysis, the(More)