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Mobile marketing offers direct communication with consumers, anytime and anyplace. This paper reviews mobile marketing and then investigates the most successful form of mobile communication, short message services (SMS), via a quantitative content analysis of the Fortune Global 500 Web sites and qualitative interviews with European experts. The content(More)
Mobile marketing, also known as wireless marketing, promises vast opportunities. Still in an experimental phase, businesses have little experience using this new marketing tool. Mobile services offer companies powerful marketing potential via direct communication with consumers, anytime and anywhere , but little research on this subject exists. This paper(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous research has suggested that psychosis is better described as a continuum rather than a dichotomous entity. This study aimed to describe the distribution of positive psychosis-like symptoms in the general population by means of latent class analysis. METHOD Latent class analysis was used to identify homogeneous sub-types of(More)
This study assessed the distribution of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms and psychosis indicators among a large sample of individuals with a lifetime diagnosis of PTSD. The identification of a psychotic PTSD subtype was also predicted. Using data from the National Comorbidity Survey a latent class analysis was conducted on the PTSD symptoms of(More)
BACKGROUND The development of enterocutaneous fistula (ECF) is one of the most challenging complications encountered in colorectal surgery. Currently, only two supra-regional centres are nationally designated in the United Kingdom to treat ECF patients. The aim of this study was to assess clinical outcome measures following the implementation of an ECF(More)
BACKGROUND More than 50% of obstetric patients with sickle cell disease will have a pain crisis during pregnancy, and the management of these cases can be challenging. CASE A 20-year-old African American with sickle cell disease presented at 29 4/7 weeks of gestation with severe, debilitating leg and back pain. Large doses of intravenous narcotics did not(More)
BACKGROUND Intravenous patient-controlled analgesia (IV PCA) with tramadol is an accepted method to deliver postoperative analgesia outside North America; however, the analgesic efficacy of this analgesic agent when compared with IVPCA with opioids is uncertain. As such, the authors undertook a systematic review to compare the analgesic efficacy of IVPCA(More)
This study assessed the dimensional structure of the UCLA Loneliness Scale ([UCLA-LS], UCLA-3). Data from the Northern Ireland Young Life and Times Survey (2011), a survey of 1,434 16-year-olds, was used to examine the underlying factor structure of the scale. Confirmatory factor analysis was employed to compare alternative factor analytical models that can(More)