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Previous surveys have shown that adult honeybee (Apis mellifera) workers harbor a characteristic gut microbiota that may play a significant role in bee health. For three major phylotypes within this microbiota, we have characterized distributions and abundances across the life cycle and among gut organs. These distinctive phylotypes, called Beta, Firm-5,(More)
The classical view of neuronal protein synthesis is that proteins are made in the cell body and then transported to their functional sites in the dendrites and the dendritic spines. Indirect evidence, however, suggests that protein synthesis can directly occur in the distal dendrites, far from the cell body. We are developing protocols for dual labeling of(More)
Although antidepressants have been used in the treatment of affective disorders for over fifty years, the precise mechanism of their action remains unknown. Treatment regimens are based by and large on empirical parameters and characterized by a trial and error scheme. A better understanding of the mechanisms involved in antidepressant drug response is of(More)
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