Jamie McCoy

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Tail autotomy is a defense against predators used by many lizard species but is associated with various costs, most of which have been measured only in the laboratory. We conducted a field experiment in which we induced tail autotomy to approximately half (58%) of a marked sample (n=326) of Uta stansburiana from western Texas in the fall, and left the other(More)
The purpose of this research was to create two scales, one to measure the tendency to perpetrate sexual coercion and one the tendency to be a victim of sexual coercion (Study 1), and to provide data validating the scales (Studies 2 and 3). Using the rational method of scale construction, two 13-item scales were constructed: the Perpetrator of Sexual(More)
Quantitative research suggests a relationship exists between anorexia and media messages which depict a "thin-ideal" female stereotype. Despite growing support for that relationship, little is known about the psychological processes and mechanisms involved in that relationship. This study used qualitative methods to explore those processes and mechanism to(More)
It has become a common practice among psychological researchers to administer batteries of individual difference assessments to research participants, although little is known about whether the substantive and psychometric integrity of the questionnaires are maintained when they are administered after the subject has completed other instruments. The studies(More)
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