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Recently, significant numbers of individuals with primary human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection have been found to harbor viral strains with reduced susceptibility to antiretroviral drugs. In one study, HIV from 16% of such antiretroviral-naive individuals was shown to have a susceptibility to nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase (RT) inhibitors(More)
The present study reports on the preliminary psychometric characteristics of a new personality and neuropsychological, 250-item, self-report measure, the Coolidge Correctional Inventory (CCI), in an archival de-identified sample of 3,962 prison inmates. The median internal reliability for the 33 CCI scales and subscales was alpha = .79 (range: alpha = .49(More)
We have tested whether avian leukosis viruses (ALVs) can use tRNAs other than tRNATrp to initiate reverse transcription. The primer binding site (PBS) of a wild-type ALV provirus, which is complementary to the 3' end of tRNA(Trp), was replaced with sequences homologous to the 3' ends of six different chicken tRNAs (tRN(APro), tRNA(Lys), tRNA(Met),(More)
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